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3 Ways To Use Your Stand Mixer To Save Money On Your Grocery Bills

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If you are trying to stay within a strict budget, one of the things you do is cut down on how much you eat out. That can make your grocery bill go up in response. However, if you have a stand mixer, there are several ways you can use it to help save money on your grocery bills and still let you eat very well. 

Meat Grinder

The stand mixers generally have a meat grinder attachment that you can buy. With a meat grinder, you can create your own ground beef. You can buy the cuts of meat that fit into your budget and then turn them into ground meat for chili or hamburgers. The nice thing about doing it this way is that you can keep your eyes open for specials on the meat you want and grind a lot of hamburger all at once. Then you can split the ground meat into 1 pound packages or hamburger patties and then freeze them. When you are ready to cook them, you can just pull the meat out of your freezer and make your meal. A bonus benefit of this is that you can choose lean cuts of meat and cut back grease, which will also cause your burgers to shrink up more. 

Pasta Maker

Another attachment you can get is a pasta maker. With a pasta maker, you can make fresh pasta the way that you want it. The recipes tend to be fairly easy to make and then you can run it through your pasta maker. Finding a variety of recipes will let you experiment with different ingredients and different flours until you find one or two that you really like. One nice thing about fresh pasta is that it cooks very quickly, even quicker than dried pasta does. Another use for a pasta maker, if yours has a roller setting, is that you can also use it on things like fondant if you are a baker. 

Ice Cream Maker

Almost everyone loves ice cream. The best quality ice cream can be very expensive, which can really cut into your budget. However, with an ice cream maker, you can make any flavor ice cream that you want. If you don't want ice cream, you should also be able to make sorbets and gelatos in your ice cream maker, as well as frozen yogurt, if you are trying to lose weight. 

If you have a tight budget, you may be worried about your grocery bills. If you have a countertop mixer, you can use it to cut down on your grocery bills.