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Tips For Planning A New Year's Eve Wedding Reception Menu

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If you've decided to make your wedding date one that you'll never forget by getting married on New Year's Eve, it's important that your entire event be cohesive. If you're planning a reception to ring in the new year, you'll want to be sure that your catering menu is carefully designed for staying power so that your guests won't feel lethargic and weighed down. This helps ensure that everybody's ready to toast to the New Year and your new life when the ball drops at midnight.

Choose Your Carbs Carefully

If you're planning to have a traditional wedding cake, you'll want to be sure that any other carbohydrates you offer are balanced, healthy and complex carbs. This helps to ensure that the carbs are broken down in a slower manner so that your guests maintain their energy levels consistently throughout the night. Whole grains and low glycemic foods are great options here. Refined sugars like those in cake break down quickly, causing a rapid blood sugar increase that's followed by a dip. That shift can leave guests feeling worn out and fatigued. Save the cake for close to midnight if you really want to keep things rolling.

Make The Proteins Lean

If your guests load up on large meals or lots of fats, it's going to weigh them down and make them sleepy. Instead offer lots of lean proteins such as thin sliced meats like turkey, chicken and lean cuts of beef. The protein helps to slow the absorption of carbohydrates, which keeps blood sugar levels consistent.

Add Veggies With Light Spreads

Vegetable plates are a great option for people to keep snacking throughout the evening. They are light, healthy and can be full of all kinds of flavors. The crunchy freshness and the vibrant colors will help your guests to feel more alert and energetic.

Along with the veggies, add some spreads and dips. Cream cheese spreads made with fruits and nuts or olives blend well with a lot of different snack foods. You can also create homemade dips with Greek yogurt and fresh herbs.

Create A Champagne Tower

Few wedding receptions are complete without a champagne toast, and it's also a great way to ring in the New Year. Ask your wedding catering company about creating a champagne waterfall with glasses at the reception location. Pour the champagne immediately before the ball drops so that everyone has champagne to toast with.