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Adding Some Flavor To Meals: 3 Ways Your Children Can Use Flavored Syrup To Add Some Excitement To Breakfast

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Want to add some extra fun to breakfasts and cheer your children up? Don't forget to include a bottle of flavored syrup on your shopping list. There are many flavors to choose from. Just plop a bottle down on the countertop for breakfast and give your children free reign as to how the flavored syrup will be used. There are many ways that the syrup can be used. Here are three that can make breakfast a lot more fun.

Transform Tap Water to Deliciously Flavored Water

Getting your children to put down the soda and drink water instead can be difficult. Tap water simply doesn't have the same appeal as orange juice, coke or other sugary drinks that might entice your children. Here's where flavored syrup can really make a difference. Just a little bit of flavored syrup can turn tap water into a delicious beverage. While the syrup is sweetened by some type of sugar like cane sugar or agave syrup, it contains significantly less calories. In fact, a bottle of flavored water contains only 5kcal per 16 ounces, whereas soda generally contains around 150kcal per 12 ounces.  

Make tap water interesting again by having different flavored syrups available. Your children can even mix and match flavors as they wish. It really makes mornings a lot more fun.

Add a Dash of Flavor to Otherwise Simple Pancakes

Pancakes need toppings whether it be maple syrup or whipped cream topped with fruits. Flavored syrups add an extra element of flavor to pancakes and will allow you to forgo the numerous amount of calories found in whipped cream or the sugars in maple syrup. Berry-flavored syrups are generally a hit with pancakes and are great in the event that you don't have any fresh fruits in the house. A little syrup goes a long way and can really fluff up the pancakes.

Drizzle on Some Syrup for Treats like Ice Cream

On special occasions, treat your children to ice cream in the mornings. If you've been going at a tub of vanilla ice cream for some time, you'll be able to easily transform that plain old vanilla ice cream into something a lot more extraordinary with just a little bit of flavored syrup. Drizzle on some syrup onto the ice cream if you're looking for something light and mix the syrup into the ice cream for the flavors to really come through.


While most parents don't think much about adding flavored syrup to their shopping list, flavored syrup can really brighten up your children's mornings by giving them a boost of flavor. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, so your children will never get bored.

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