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4 Regional Sandwich Styles You Must Try

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One of the great things about America is how sprawling it is. From the east coast to the west, there are pockets of culture you're sure to find nowhere else in the country, or maybe even the world! One of the easiest ways to sample a region's culture is to sample their food, and no food is more American than the sandwich. Dig in and try just a few of the regional sandwiches listed here.

Steak Sandwich

A native to Connecticut, particularly the New Haven region, the steak sandwich bears the distinction of not only being served in sandwich shops in the region, but in many a local steakhouse as well! Seared steak is placed on a long bread roll, and is served with a medley of off color greens, including banana peppers, giardenera sauce, and hot green peppers. This dish is not complete with a side of fries, however.

Scrapple Sandwiches

In Delaware and Pennsylvania, you won't find the citizens wasting any part of the pig. Any leftover pig parts are placed in a mash and fried in a skillet together, then pressed into a fine grain loaf called scrapple. A scrapple sandwich is a very simple construction. Simply take a few slices of scrapple loaf and place it between two pieces of white bread. If you want to get a little fancy with your scrapple sandwich, you can ask for it with a fried egg on top.


Some people think of this as a Puerto Rican dish, but it actually hails from the Puerto Rican neighborhoods of Chicago. Jibarito is a sandwich that eschews the traditional bread bun altogether. Instead, two crispy fried plantains are used for the bun, and in between you'll find the savory and filling delight of cheese, lettuce, onion, fried garlic, steak, mayo, and tomato. It's a heavy dish and, despite its deliciousness, can be quite difficult to consume in one sitting!


Although there is plenty of good cuisine to be found in Detroit, you'll have to travel to northern Michigan to find the cudighi. This sandwich is the closest thing you'll find to a pizza sandwich. Using a crispy flatbread as its base, in between you will find tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and an assortment of meats you would normally find on a pizza pie, including pepperoni and sausages. In some regions, this hot sandwich also comes with a few veggies packed in, like green peppers and onions.