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Two Great Dishes To Serve At Your Next Hawaiian Luau

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If you're new to the islands and you want to plan a luau that will have everyone talking for some time to come, the key is in the dishes that you serve. After all, the right food will wow everyone and ensure that they leave satisfied. As you start planning your menu, you'll want to serve both entrees and sides. Here's one of each to really get your guests talking.

Entree: Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a Hawaiian tradition, and while it's typically eaten for breakfast, it's filling enough to be served any time of day. If you really want to put your own spin on it, there are a few different ways to add flavor.

The base of Loco Moco is sticky rice or white rice. Cook it in coconut milk to make a creamy coconut rice for a tropical twist. Then, you top the rice with a beef burger patty seasoned with shallot, garlic and herbs of your choice. The dish is rounded out with a sunny-side-up egg and then topped with brown gravy.

For a luau, you can make the rice and gravy in large batches and then cook the burger patties on an open fire. Use a cast iron skillet to fry the eggs so that you can put them over a low fire as well.

Side: Tropical Rice

While you're making the rice for the Loco Moco, double the batches so you have rice for this flavorful, island-inspired side. Combine the coconut rice with things like thin-sliced green onions, green peas and sliced vegetables. You can also add scrambled eggs, sesame oil and soy sauce. Then, stir in things like pineapple and mango to sweeten things up. Store the rice in a hot tray with steamer holes to keep the rice from drying out.

You might even want to add some extra texture to a dish like this by adding some chopped macadamia nuts. These are the best choice in an area like this because macadamia nuts are native to Hawaii. You'll be able to find them in abundance throughout the islands.

With dishes like these, your luau can have that personal touch of something unique to you while still celebrating the flavors of the islands. If you're looking for things you can pair with the pig roast and the other classic Hawaiian dishes, these are great to have in your recipe box. Talk with a local luau planner and luau catering expert today about other options available to you.