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Reuse Your K-Cups To Make Party Lights!

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How many K-cups do you use in a day, week or month? It's great to be able to brew a fresh cup of coffee anytime you want it quickly and easily, but what are you doing with all of those empty K-cups? Have you ever thought about re-using them to make something fun? Your spent K-cups can actually be used to make all kinds of fun things – even party lights! Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Supply List

  • Empty clean K-cups
  • Sharp razor knife
  • String lights – white or colored depending on what you want
  • Paper, paint and stickers – to decorate the K-cups if you like

Step 1: Remove the Lids

This is probably the most time consuming element of the project, but the razor knife will make it much quicker for you. Simply cut around the inner edge of the lid and lift it off. If you don't like the looks of the remaining lid material on the edge of the K-cup, you can soak the cup in a dish of Goo-Gone and in an hour or two, the remaining lid material will peel right off.

Step 2: Decorate the K-cups

The nice thing about having an endless supply of empty K-cups is that you can get super-creative with your party lights. You can create a string of lights for each holiday using the paint and stickers.

Make stencils from a pieces of paper to make images of flags for the Fourth of July, jack-o-lantern faces for Halloween, eggs or bunnies for Easter and bells and holly for Christmas. You can even customize them to create a party banner wishing the guest of honor a Happy Birthday. The options are limitless.

Step 3: Attach the Lights

Since your brewing machine has already punched a hole in your K-cup, this final step is pretty easy. Simply press the light bulbs on the string lights through the little hole. Adjust the direction to line the image on the K-cups up and you're done. All you have left is to hang your party lights, plug them in and enjoy the glow.

This is a great project for all of the members in your family. Just think about how much fun you can all have together making different light designs for the changing seasons and holidays throughout the year simply because you enjoy drinking your fresh, tasty coffee throughout each and every day.

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