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Got A New Grill? 4 Accessories You Should Have

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Now is the time to start grilling food outside, and food tastes great when cooked on a grill. Things can go much better for you, however, if you have the right accessories. Below are four of these accessories so you can have a great time grilling food for you and your family.

Grill Brush

There are many different types of grill brushes you can choose. When choosing the brush, look for bristles that do not tarnish or rust. Stainless steel bristles are a good choice, as they will not rust or corrode. This grill brush works well for all grills.

They also make grill brushes that use no bristles at all. Instead, they have a scrubber pad. Do not use this type of brush, however, if you have a grill that has porcelain grates because it will damage them.

Read the manufacturer's instructions on how to care for the grill brush you purchase so it will last a long time for you.

Grill Basket

If you plan to cook a lot of hamburgers on your grill, you should purchase a grill basket. This accessory has two flat grills and the hamburger patty is sandwiched between them. This will keep the hamburgers from sticking to the grill, and it will help them keep their shape while cooking. When one side of the hamburgers are finished cooking, simply flip the basket over to cook the other side. 


Electric grills are convenient, but you do not get the smokiness taste that you do with a charcoal grill. To take care of this problem, you can purchase a smoker. One type attaches to the side of the grill. Wood chips are soaked in water for approximately 30 minutes, and then the chips are folded up with aluminum foil to make a rectangular packet. Poke a few holes in the foil and place it in the smoker. You can make more than one packet if you want more smoke. Each packet will produce smoke for the grill approximate 20 to 30 minutes.

You can find wood chips that are in different flavors, such as mesquite, honey mesquite, apple wood, and cherry wood.

Grill Thermometer

To make sure your food is cooked like you want it, you should have a grill thermometer. They make many different types. There is the traditional kind with a dial showing you the temperature. There are also digital thermometers that give you an exact reading. This is especially important if you are cooking chicken, as eating undercooked chicken can make you sick.

Talk with the salesperson where you purchased your grill for more ideas for accessories you should own.