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Four European Nations That Deliver The Best In Gourmet Candies And How To Get Them

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Chocolatiers and candy makers from around the globe are in constant competition with each other to bring consumers sweets and treats. If you are constantly looking for new gourmet candies and chocolates, Europe is the place to look. The following four countries deliver gourmet treats that are worth the global pursuit, and here is how you can get your treats from these countries.


French candy makers do not shy away from any ingredient. Regardless of sugar content, fat content or unusual ingredient, the makers of gourmet bon bons in France will make any connoisseur's tongue roll about with pleasure. If you love the authenticity of Parisian delights, you may have to fly to France to get them, as most of the boutiques des bon bons (candy stores) typically do not sell or ship their sweets internationally. However, you could always become fast friends with someone who lives in France, and then you could ask him or her to send you some of the best sweets and gourmet candies in exchange for some from the U.S.

Great Britain

Great Britain has at least two world-famous, gourmet candy makers. While you may be familiar with these candy companies, you may not be familiar with their full product line. Many of the chocolates and sweets these companies export to the U.S. exclude popular products found only in Great Britain and a few other European countries. You may be able to order gourmet candies online through the websites of these candy companies, or look for them in stores that specialize in globally-imported specialty products.


An Italian-based chocolatier has a branch in Germany that developed a very special kind of candy. This candy utilizes a full glass of milk in making the fillings in the candy bars. The idea was to promote a sweet treat that was very healthy, as far as candies and chocolates go. The result is a product that has made its way all the way into the U.S., but most of their product line can only be found in specialty food stores or quite expansive specialty food aisles in supermarkets of monumental size. Sadly, their most popular item, a hollow, egg-shaped treat with a toy surprise inside, is banned in the U.S., so you will have to visit Canada to try it.


The Swiss have been known for their fine chocolates and unique candy-making processes for quite some time. Many of the most recognizable Swiss sweets are sold in the U.S., specifically a couple drug store chains which carry many different unique products for the more finicky candy consumer. You can also buy many of their products online, in bulk, through online-only sellers. Visit for more information.