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3 Reasons To Sell Ice At Your Restaurant

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You might have noticed that some restaurants sell bags of ice to their customers, but you may have never thought about offering this service yourself. However, it could be a good option for your business to follow suit. These are a few reasons why.

1. You Have to Have it Anyway

There's a good chance that you have to have ice in your restaurant anyway, whether you have it delivered or have your own ice making machine. This means that you can add another profit stream to your business without really having to invest in more equipment or supplies. It's a very easy additional profit stream to implement when compared to other options.

2. The Profit Margin Can Be Large

Another thing to consider when it comes to selling ice is just how large the profit margin can be. The profit margins might not be high for many of the things that you sell in your restaurant. After all, you can only charge so much for your meals, and food costs can be expensive. With ice, however, your costs are minimal. Water doesn't cost much, and even the bags that are used to package the ice can be purchased affordably in bulk. You may be able to make more money off of each bag of ice than you think, allowing you to bring in a steady profit.

3. It Can Bring More People in the Door

One added benefit of selling ice that you might not have thought about is the fact that it can bring more people in through the door at your place of business. If people know that they can stop at your restaurant to grab a bag of ice quickly, they might buy something to eat while they are there. It's always a good idea to come up with ways to bring more people through the door, and selling ice can be a surprising yet effective way of doing so.

As you can see, if you aren't currently selling ice at your restaurant, now might be the time to think about doing so. You can purchase the necessary supplies to bag up the ice from your ice machine yourself, or you can work with your ice delivery company like Chilly Willy & Cool Carl's Ice to have even more ice delivered for this purpose. Either way, you may be more successful at selling bagged ice to your customers than you think, so it could be a good option to explore.