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Barbeque Catering - How To Make Sure Your Guests Can Keep Their Hands Clean

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If you are planning a summer party and decide to hire a catering service to take care of the food, then you should consider barbeque catering to make the event as unique as possible. While barbeque is delicious and casual, you may find that guests may not be able to keep themselves clean with all the barbeque sauce on your ribs and chicken breasts. To help make sure that guests have a good time without getting messy, follow the tips below. 

Invest in Some Containers And Trongs

Ribs and wings are meant to be eaten with your hands. At least this is what some food experts say about barbeque. However, not everyone is going to want to dig in with their hands to eat food that is covered with barbeque sauce. Consider asking your caterers to cook some of the food plain without barbeque sauce. Ask for small paper bowls to be placed on the catering table that are filled with extra sauce. If possible, make sure the bowls are plastic-lined varieties. Typically, these types of bowls are created with a layer of polyethylene that will prevent the barbeque sauce from soaking into the paper. The paper products are also disposable, so they can simply be thrown out when the guests are done with them. 

Also, purchase trongs or ask your caterers to provide these items. Trongs are small plastic gripper tools that are used to hold onto finger foods. The trongs will have small teeth that hold wings and other types of barbeque items firmly so you can eat without getting your hands dirty.

Provide Some Wipes

For those who choose to eat the barbeque with their bare fingers, you should offer a way for your guests to quickly clean their hands. Wipes that are meant to clean the hands after eating are an option. Many of these wipes are individually wrapped and can be placed directly on catering tables. These types of wipes are typically antibacterial varieties that contain alcohol. This can cause some irritation and dry out the skin. 

If you want a gentle hand cleaning solution, then purchase several containers of non-scented baby wipes. These wipes are made with detergents called surfactants, and the cleaners used in the wipes are the same or similar as the ingredients in baby shampoo. Surfactants are able to clean the skin without removing the oils from the skin. This helps to keep the hands moist without making them dry. If you want to make sure that your guests are able to have a more luxurious experience at your party, then opt for the wipes with added moisturizer.