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Treating A Raw Foodist To Dinner At A Mexican Restauraunt

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Are you planning to take a friend who primarily eats food in its raw form out for dinner? If so, a Mexican restaurant should not be overlooked. Perhaps you had ruled out traditional restaurants because you may not fully understand your friend's diet. The first thing you should do is clarify whether or not they are a raw foodist and vegan because this will help you to be able to recommend menu items to them. Some raw foodists eat meat and fish, but most of their diet consists of raw fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds. You can use the following information to help your friend enjoy their Mexican meal. 


Raw foodists will likely want to choose sauces and foods that are not processed or minimally processed. Many authentic Mexican restaurants make their own salsas and tortillas in-house rather than serving commercially prepared versions. These can both be paired and served as appetizers since they are both appropriate for your friend's diet. 

When it is time to order entrees, your friend may not want to eat dishes that contain sour cream. Guacamole can be used as a substitute for sour cream, and it is made from ripe avocados. 


A Mexican soup referred to as gazpacho could be ideal for your friend. This is a soup that is made of raw food ingredients. It is served cold, and the actual ingredients may vary depending on the restaurant you choose. Common ingredients found in gazpacho are tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, and garlic.

A dinner salad is another option that may suit your friend's taste and diet. Many restaurants prepare salads fresh, which means that your friend might have the flexibility of choosing what ingredients they want on their salad. For example, the restaurant might have a gazpacho shrimp salad that has common gazpacho ingredients combines with shrimp, eggs, and croutons. Your friend could likely customize their salad and request not to have shrimp, eggs or croutons on it.

Consider asking your waiter if they can substitute traditional wraps or tortillas with large pieces of lettuce. This would allow your friend to add raw ingredients on top of the lettuce leaves and make lettuce wraps.


Freshly squeezed and pure citrus juices in frozen or liquid form are good selections. Inquire about whether they serve alcohol-free margaritas. Some Mexican restaurants may also feature drinks that are common in their heritage. For example, coconut or aloe juice. Your friend may prefer water, and you could request lemon or lime slices to pair well with the cuisine.

An authentic Mexican restaurant is the best resource to use for your special plans with your friend. You could call in advance to get a list of other menu items that might be appropriate for raw foodists. Try these guys to learn more about Mexican food.