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10 Dips For Your Favorite Flatbreads That Will Please Any Palate

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If you want a fast and versatile appetizer to serve family, friends, or guests, keep some bakery-fresh flatbread on hand. Find the best venues in your area for delicious flatbreads in a flash- or discover online bakeries that deliver to your door. Depending on your crowd, you can easily throw together a tasty dip to turn simple bread into flavorful nosh.

1. Vegan hummus. Make an easy hummus from blended chick peas, tahini or sesame seeds, and spices. This appeals to a wide-range of eaters, including vegans!

2. Cream cheese. Make a flavorful cream cheese spread for your flatbread by whipping a package of cream cheese with dry vegetable soup mix or dried bouillon granules.

3. Pizza dip. Toast your flatbread until crisp and dip in warmed pizza sauce sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Brush the bread with olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano before toasting.

4. Cranberry sauce. Another tasty concoction is to take a can of cranberry sauce, either jelly or whole-berry, and stir until it has a spreadable consistency. Dip or slather the bread with this tangy sauce!

5. Spicy salsa. Another great idea is to toast flatbread pieces until crisp and serve with a simple salsa. You can add some hot sauce or even a dollop of sour cream for a little depth of flavor. Consider sprinkling your warm toasted flatbread with red pepper flakes before serving.

6. Melted cheese. Warm your favorite cheese in a ceramic or non-stick casserole dish. Add a splash of hot sauce and stir to combine before serving with flatbread pieces.

7. Chopped avocados. Chop avocados and sprinkle with fresh lime juice to prevent browning. Add a generous dash of salt and serve on top of flatbread slices. You can drizzle with olive oil before serving, if you like.

8. Peanut sauce. Make an easy peanut sauce from warmed peanut butter and soy sauce, added to taste. Stir until smooth and serve as a dip for sliced flatbread.

9. Greek-inspired dip. Dip flatbread in yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber, salt, and pepper for a Greek-inspired snack that everyone enjoys. Very cool and refreshing!

10. Honey-mustard. A classic favorite is to combine equal parts of honey and yellow mustard to make a sweet-and-tangy dip that is perfect for toasted flatbread.

Try these quick and easy ideas to turn tasty flatbread into a delicious appetizer that will please anyone. Visit bakeries for fresh flatbread and other options to serve to your guests!